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Welcome to the new home of Love and Primal. We are excited to roll out this new format…it’s faster, easier to navigate, and mobile friendly. Please be patient while we update the content on the new site.

Eat Healthy, Pursue Fitness, Live Well


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  • Intro to Primal Eating

    Why We Follow the Primal Eating Plan We are champions of a healthy lifestyle. Do we believe that Primal is the only way to be healthy? No, but we...

  • How to Clean Up Your Pantry

    Chips, cookies, crackers, pasta, cereal, and bread (and in your freezer, ice cream and frozen pizzas) – all Primal stumbling blocks. Follow these 10 steps to make your pantry...

  • What Does ‘Balance’ Mean to You?

    Finding Balance Between Health, Family, and Living…160 lbs ago, to the outside world, our weekends were amazing!  Friday nights consisted of Pad Thai take out and a 12 pack...

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  • WOD #20130306

    40 min. cycle then… 3 rounds of 1 min each: Bench Toe Taps Jumping Lunges Split...
  • WOD #20130905

    Core/Run, Bike, Core/Run: Alternate 1 min run with 1 min core, 2 rounds (w/partner) Leg Raise...
  • WOD #20130916

    40 min. cycle then… Tabata this: Single Leg Squat Thrust (Up downs) Jump Squats Wood chops...
  • WOD #20130903

     Core 26 reps of… Stability ball sit-up wall-ball Stability ball twist Stability ball plank alphabet Bike...