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Welcome to the new home of Love and Primal. We are excited to roll out this new format…it’s faster, easier to navigate, and mobile friendly. Please be patient while we update the content on the new site.

Eat Healthy, Pursue Fitness, Live Well


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  • NUTRITION: 102 Primal Whole Foods

    by Love and Primal. Posted 25 Jul 2013. This list of foods from the World’s Healthiest Foods (whfoods.com) have been selected because they are among the richest sources of...

  • Arms That Look Good Naked

    by Love and Primal. Posted 5 Jan 13. Q:  I would love to know how Sarah got such amazing arms. What exercises, weight amount and reps? – Rifka A:...

  • Staying Primal at Work

    by Leonard Scriven. Posted 5 Aug 2013. If your office is anything like mine, it can be a nutritional minefield with doughnuts in the break room, co-workers’ candy bowls,...

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  • WOD #20130905

    Core/Run, Bike, Core/Run: Alternate 1 min run with 1 min core, 2 rounds (w/partner) Leg Raise...
  • WOD #20130916

    40 min. cycle then… Tabata this: Single Leg Squat Thrust (Up downs) Jump Squats Wood chops...
  • WOD #20130903

     Core 26 reps of… Stability ball sit-up wall-ball Stability ball twist Stability ball plank alphabet Bike...
  • WOD #20130313

    40 min. cycle then… 45 sec work, 15 sec recovery:  Stability Ball Pushup Plate Wood Chops...