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What Does ‘Balance’ Mean to You?

sarah-before-and-after-2Finding Balance Between Health, Family, and Living…160 lbs ago, to the outside world, our weekends were amazing!  Friday nights consisted of Pad Thai take out and a 12 pack of Miller Lite, Saturday nights consisted of meeting up with friends for drinks (emphasis on the ‘s’); and Sunday’s were family dinners, which included appetizers, an entrée and dessert.  I get a little nauseous thinking about how many calories we consumed over a weekend.

Why am I telling you this?  Because finding BALANCE between establishing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining relationships with friends and family was one of the challenges we faced early on.  Our friends and family are our world so isolating ourselves from them was never an option; we had to figure out how we could enjoy time with our loved ones AND lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle!  Answer this…what are the most common things you do with your friends and family?  I guarantee they all include calorie consumption, be it food or alcohol.

‘Keep moving’ are two words we use frequently throughout our site/posts and that is exactly how we solved this dilemma.  We transitioned ourselves away from suggesting dinner and drinks out to – “let’s go for a walk and talk!”  A walk and talk date has a nice rhythm to it, doesn’t it? At least it does the way I sing it when I suggest it! 🙂

So if this is one of the hurdles you face in your journey to a healthy lifestyle, we challenge you to keep moving!  If it is time with a girlfriend you crave, then suggest a walk and talk date!  How about meeting at the gym for a cycle or yoga class?  Some of my best relationships were formed running sprints and bench pressing of all things!  You can get in some great conversation between sets, if you have the time to slow down a little when you lift!  Just be cautious not to annoy everyone else in the gym by taking too long on the machines or being obnoxious! 😉

If you challenge yourself to be creative you can think of some fun, active ideas to enjoy with your friends and family!  Here in Charlotte, NC we have the White Water Center.  Why not invite all your friends for an outdoor adventure while getting in some exercise!  How about going for a hike?

One of the other mainstays of our success is our support system.  Ask a friend or a group of friends to train for a race together?  This is a great way to spend time together by keeping moving and supporting each other along the way!

We did realize that sometimes meals are just the easiest way to get everyone together because after all, everyone needs to eat, right! Our solution?  Take control of the situation!  If you are going to eat out, take the initiative and suggest the restaurant.  This way you can select somewhere where you know they have healthy choices.  Or, if location choice is out of your control, check out the restaurant online before you go so you can select a healthy option (so many restaurants now have their menus online now)!  Another great and fun idea was organizing “cook offs” with our family!  Some of the cook offs we have had so far are primal based, healthy meals and salads.  Our family is super competitive so this has been a great way to spend time together, fulfill our competitive side while eating healthy!

Only you can give yourself PEACE, LOVE & BALANCE! Please let us know if you have any questions and/or if we can help support you in your journey! Please feel free to comment below with any other ideas you have to avoid consumption and instead keep moving! 🙂

– Sarah

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