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The Number on the Scale Doesn’t Have Much Weight

That number on the scale? Yeah, it doesn’t have much weight.

This goes out to all of you that weigh yourself daily. Did you know that not only will your weight change drastically from day to day, but also from hour to hour? Here is a little insight on some of the factors that influence that number on the scale.

  • Did you know that your body is made mostly of water? Yep! So how hydrated you are, which foods you are consuming, your activity level and even your menstrual cycle will all play factors in that number.
  • Carbs! We all know they are used for energy but when they are broken down into glucose they serve as a fuel source for your muscles, tissues, brain and organs. Therefore when they are not used they are stored which will also play havoc on that number.
  • The scale just isn’t always the best measurable on your overall fitness because we all know that by volume, fat takes up more space than the same weight as muscle, so as you get stronger you may notice your clothes fitting better but the number not moving.
  • You can’t measure your worth! The person you are, the person you are striving to be, your skillset and your purpose all add up to something so much more than that silly number. Therefore when you place so much emphasis on a number shown on a scale you are taking away from your bigger goals and the progress you are making day in and day out.

In conclusion, save yourself! If you find your mood and motivation drastically change based on the number on the scale, challenge yourself to weigh yourself less frequently, maybe once a week, once a month even. Center yourself on goals that revolve around continuously making healthy lifestyle changes and not just that number. Learn to measure your progress by how you feel physically and mentally…you will feel and look better as a result!