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Tailgaiting Tips!

It’s that time of year again…when the weather changes and weekend grilling becomes a ritual. Here are a few tips to have fun and still be healthy.

  • Be mindful! Instead of standing around the food table picking at snacks while you chat try making a plate so you walk around and mingle.
  • Be knowledgeable! You already know what’s good for you to stick to what you know! Grilled meats, raw veggies and lots and lots of H20!
  • Be (a) planner! Get your sweat session in at PushPointe along with a protein filled meal before heading to the party. When you start strong, you are bound to finish stronger!
  • Be fun! If at the end of the party you feel you had one too many beers or overindulged in the taco dip, don’t sweat it…just come sweat it out with us tomorrow!