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Not Just Another Manic Monday

by Sarah Scriven. Posted 19 May 2013.

img:you-dont-need-a-mondayIt is no secret that Monday mornings can bring the blues. Various studies have shown that individuals show signs of biological stress when they start thinking about the start of a new work week/day.

I’m here to tell you this is no way to live and we need to end this cycle and start embracing every day of the week, not just Friday afternoons at 5pm. If you find yourself suffering from the Monday morning blues, try these tips to live everyday to the fullest.

  • Don’t just live for the weekends. Stop focusing on, ‘only 2 more days until the weekend’ or ‘I can’t wait until I get to sleep in on Saturday.’Try planning something unique and exciting during the week to break things up! If date night with your spouse is usually Saturday night, try changing it to Wednesday night and see what that does for you.
  • Be a hermit! We get so excited for the weekends, that we end up being busier on the weekends than during  the week. Instead, be selective with your plans and take some time to just relax and BE.
  • Sleeping in is for the birds! As best as possible, try to maintain your same sleep schedule over the weekends. No sleeping until noon as this will just take away from your enjoyment of the weekends and leave you even more tired. If you need to get some extra rest, instead of sleeping in, take an afternoon nap. Btw…babysitters aren’t just for going out…get a sitter, take a long bath, and take a nap.
  • Prepare! Another way to avoid the Monday morning blues is to plan ahead. When Sunday night rolls around, instead of bumming around being depressed about Monday, get excited for a new week! Plan a cute outfit to wear to work, pack an extra special lunch and make sure you go to bed early to get the week off to a great start!
  • On Monday, eat a nutritious breakfast! Not only will you want to start the week off feeling rejuvenated and energized but how about feeling healthy. Get your metabolism revved and your body fueled to take on this beautiful Monday!
  • Get your workout on! In conjunction with your healthy breakfast, start off the week with an intense, metabolism boosting workout! If you can’t get to the gym then just dance! Turn on the tunes and do a little dance as you brush your teeth and get dressed!
  • Enjoy nature, smile and appreciate the new day! If time permits, enjoy your cup of java on the porch, listening to the birds chirp as the fresh air hits your face. Be in the moment, be mindful, and be thankful you are up and moving and have a new day ahead of you! This is a great start even if it’s only 5 minutes.

Let’s make it another great week my friends!

– Sarah

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