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LIFESTYLE: Treat Your Workout Like Your Job

img:workout-to-support-your-healthWithout Your Health What Do You Really Have?
Here’s an idea…treat your workouts like you do your job!

Some of us our fortunate enough to love what we do while others are not. Yet, I guarantee that whether you love your job or not, you are there about 40 hours a week grinding it out. Why? Because you have too! You have too because you have to put food on the table, pay the mortgage, put clothes on your kid’s back, etc.

Well, you have to workout to support your good health. Working out helps with maintaining (or losing) weight, strengthening your heart, bones and muscles, increases self-esteem and accomplishment; in addition, to stress relief and a decreased risk for countless chronic diseases. The benefits of even squeezing in a quick workout if necessary far outweigh the alternatives.

So, here is a challenge for all of you…if you don’t do it already, for one week challenge yourself to treat your workouts like you do your job. Whether you want to be there or not, be there! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting there. Unlike your job, working out is a stress reducer vs a stress inducer and releases endorphins (good feeling hormones).

– Sarah