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Go Primal/Paleo for Clearer Skin

Love & Primal. Posted on 19 Jun 2013. FREE Healthy Skin Care Samples, Coupons & More!

Clearer skin is just another reason to consider going Primal or Paleo. The connection between what we eat and our skin has been well documented and well debated over the years. Foods like chocolate, dairy, and greasy foods in general have come under fire. Well guess what else is proving to have a deleterious affect on your skin – breads and pastas.

“When you have an increased intake of foods that release sugar like pasta or bread, you get insulin spikes,” says New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD. This increased insulin level can stimulate oil gland production and this can cause adult acne breakouts.

“There are studies that suggest that diets low in [insulin spiking] carbohydrates are good for the skin in general and beneficial to treat acne,” says Dr. Schweiger. On the other side of the debate, West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist Kenneth Beer, MD, says that this type of diet doesn’t really matter. “Carbohydrates don’t really feed into the pathway that generates hormones such as testosterone or have a direct effect on the lipids of the skin.”

That said, there needs to be more controlled studies on reducing “insulin spiking” sugars and there affect on skin. But there is enough anecdotal  evidence and personal testimony to warrant eliminating breads and pastas from your diet. “Some of my patients report that their skin clears on low-carb diets so I think that this always something to think about for individual people,” says Dr. Beer.

Bottom line, it’s definitely worth a shot to try reducing or eliminating “insulin-spiking” foods (like breads, pastas, and refined sugars) from your diet to see if it helps ease acne breakouts, but it’s not a guaranteed fix for every one. If you do give it a try, be sure to let us know what nutrition tips and treatments helps your skin look better.

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