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Petition Against Crayola “Color Your Mouth” Candy Dyes

Crayola is famous for its colorful crayons, but they also license their brand to candies with controversial artificial dyes that can trigger hyperactivity in sensitive children. Studies demonstrate that artificial dyes cause hyperactivity in sensitive children. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration even acknowledges that fact. But the FDA has refused to ban dyes or even require warning labels, as the European Union does for most dyes.

That’s why mother and daughter duo Julie and Alessandra Rossi have partnered with CSPI to petition Crayola to stop hawking “Color Your Mouth” candies to kids. After struggling personally with the effect of diet on health, Julie and Alessandra are on a mission to eliminate food dyes and junk food marketing to kids. Crayola calls these candies “Color Your Mouth” because they have so much artificial dye in them, they will stain kids’ tongues, fingers, and clothes bright red, yellow, green, orange, and blue. These candies are packaged to look like iconic crayons, but what’s inside will make you turn green.

If you agree that these unnecessary and unhealthy dyes do not belong in our food supply, let alone be marketed directly to our kids, please sign the petition with Julie and Alessandra asking Crayola to stop licensing it brand to candy makers and marketing these Color Your Mouth products.

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