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I Still Don’t Get Why No Corn

Q: I’ve been eating Paleo since June, as it’s helped control the symptoms I get from having Lyme Disease, which had gotten pretty bad. It’s helped so much but my one vice is tortilla chips. I still don’t get why no corn, since its gluten-free. Can you help me understand? – Melanie D.

Image Source: ifood.tv


Congrats on going Paleo.  The positive benefits on the disease state of following a Paleo/Primal eating plan are being uncovered everyday!  Even though I have not researched the specifics, I am not surprised that Paleo has helped you control the symptoms of Lyme Disease.

As you know, a large part of Paleo/Primal eating is getting the most nutritional value out of what you eat.  It’s also avoiding (or eating in moderation) foods that play havoc with your blood sugar levels and foods that are agents of disease (like processed white sugar).

Foods like corn don’t offer any real nutritional value (see: Nutrition Facts: Yellow Corn); especially when compared to other foods (strike 1) and is the most sugary, starchy, and empty grain there is (strike 2). Two strikes against Primal/Paleo and it’s out.

The occasional indulgence of tortilla chips (see Nutrition Facts: Tortilla Chips Plain Yellow Corn) probably isn’t going to hurt you; but be aware, tortilla corn chips (and chips in general) are one of those foods we very rarely eat in a single serving.  A typical serving is 8-12 chips; when is the last time anyone only ate 8-12 tortilla chips?

If you do consider tortilla chips a “regular” in your diet, consider replacing them with Terra Chips (or a similar veggie chips).  You won’t save much in fat and calories vs. a baked tortilla chip, but you do get the benefit of a “veggie” and a lower glycemic index.  Best case, try making some veggie chips at home; making your own chips can be fun, give it a shot sometime.

Btw…with the veggie chips…be sure to review the ingredients. Some brands use some type of flour w/50% vegetable content and call them veggie chips. Also we haven’t tried them yet, but hear that Seaweed Chips are pretty tasty…let us know if you try ’em!

The Love & Primal bottom line:
Are tortilla chips Primal? No.  Should you eat them? Probably not.  Are they agents of disease? Don’t appear to be.  For us, we don’t eat them primarily because they are empty calories and would rather “spend” our calories on foods that provide more nutrition for the calories.  Our decision to eliminate them from our diet was validated after reading the food summaries (below).

We hope this helps! Keep moving forward (& bring somebody with you)

– Leonard & Sarah

 What do you think? Please post your comments, questions, concerns below….they are always welcome.

Know What You Eat

Food Summary: Corn

  High glycemic index, high calorie, high inflammation factor, not enough nutrition to justify the other negatives.

Food Summary: Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

No real nutrition value, high potential to over eat.

 Article Sources: NutritionData.com, Mark’s Daily Apple, Archevore.com