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7 Steps to Primal: #2 Eat More Protein

eat-more-proteinAfter increasing your vegetable intake, step #2 of going Primal is to focus on your daily protein intake. Get accustomed to having a protein with every meal.  Your goal is 4-6 servings a day. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose fat, build muscle, or just be a healthy, well-functioning human being.

Your daily protein intake plays an equally crucial role in maintaining good health and fitness.  Here’s why…

In terms of the overall health and function of the human body, protein is essential for building and repairing things. Your organs, muscles, skin, hair, nails, bones and certain hormones are all made up of some amount of protein. It’s an absolute requirement for sustaining life and proper function.

So make sure you keep lean and ideally animal-based protein sources on hand: chicken, turkey, duck, fish, eggs, seafood, lean red meats, game, etc. Whenever practical, these proteins needs to come from organic, grass-fed, antibiotic and steroid free sources.


  • Makes you feel full longer. Proteins generally take longer to digest than most other foods. Eating large amounts of protein can help you manage your weight because it ‘lasts’ longer in your digestive system; resulting in feeling full longer and staving off hunger.
  • Helps build more muscle. It’s common knowledge that protein plays an integral role in building muscle, which is precisely why many athletes like taking protein shakes to supplement their workout routines. A higher-protein diet makes it easier for your body to receive all the building blocks it needs to build muscle.

Protein is an essential macronutrient that supports almost every type of cell in your body. While it’s important to get enough high-quality animal protein, humans were never designed to use it as our main energy source. Simply eating a variety of good protein as part of a well-balanced diet should keep you within a healthy range of protein consumption.

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