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The Advantages of Full Body Workouts

For most of us who seek a lean, tone, body and are not trying to compete in physique or bodybuilding contest, a full body workout can help you meet your fitness goals more efficiently.  (As opposed to focusing on one area or muscle group).  You will see more results, faster.

full-body-workoutMore Muscle Building

The most efficient way to build muscle is by using higher loads and fewer reps. Repeating the same heavy lifts for the same isolated body part may not provide the type of overall results you’re looking for unless you are a professional bodybuilder.  Two sets of a compound exercise (an exercise that uses multiple muscle groups at one time), rather than three or more, are probably sufficient for muscle building, allowing you to do more exercises during your workout. Full body workouts work all of your muscles, which is better for you if your goal is not spot-building muscles.

Burn More Calories

Some workouts focus on your lower body, upper body or core. The focus on one area may burn fewer calories, because you’re working fewer muscles and may need longer rest periods. Moving larger body parts under heavier work loads (or repetitions) burns more calories.


Many people stop exercising out of boredom. Full body workouts let you pick and choose any exercise or type of exercise you wish. You can use free weights or weight machines, cardio machines, calisthenics or aerobic dance routines. The more fun you have exercising, the more likely you are to exercise longer each session. Variety and enjoyment will encourage you to continue your fitness program.

More Reps

If you can only exercise two or three times per week, you can work each muscle more often if you do full body workouts. If you work one area per workout, you might only be able to work your legs, hips and glutes once each week, and your upper body once and your core once.  Full body workouts let you repeat bodybuilding reps or work on muscular endurance training three times a week, using the same muscles.

Decrease Overtraining

You will not have time to do as many sets and reps of an exercise during a full body workout as you do during a dedicated, one-area workout, so you are less likely to over-train muscles. This also prevents repetitive stress injuries that can occur when you only work one area of the body over and over.

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