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Make the Most of Your Exercise Time


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband – Black

There’s working out and then there’s WORKING OUT. If you are following the “For the Fit in Me” training plan, then part of your goals should be to get the most you can out of every workout. Whether you’re at a gym or at home, a beginner or experienced exerciser, there are 5 habits you want to either establish or maintain to make the most of your exercise time:

  1. Schedule your workouts. Put your workouts on your calendar like you would a doctor’s appointment or a business appointment; and treat it like a “can’t miss.” By making it a priority for your day, you will hold yourself accountable for “showing up for your meeting.”
  2. Plan Ahead. Make a plan and stick to it. Planning ahead will give you confidence, save time, and make your workout more productive.
  3. Record Your Progress. Whether you use a Fitbit, a smartphone app, or the old pen and paper – record your workouts. Keeping a record helps with planning and motivation. Looking back, you will be amazed at your progress. Keep track of not only weights and reps, but how you were feeling mentally and physically.
  4. Give Effort. Being focused on effort during your workout will help you put more into it; and consequently, get more out of it. Going through the motions is for demonstration purposes only. When it’s time to workout, give your best and be in the moment; you’ll feel better, release more stress, work harder; and get better results.
  5. Build a Team. Get a workout partner, join a great group exercise class (spinning, sculpting or even CrossFit), and reach out to us and your community to get the support you need.