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Build Your Endurance

How to Increase Athletic Endurance
Endurance (the ability to perform over time) is something that like increasing strength, takes time and consistent effort. For the new or returning athlete, a lack of endurance (not necessarily strength) can be frustrating.

increasing-your-enduranceBut with consistency, you can see some great improvements in a relatively short amount of time. Here are a few simple steps you can take to increase your endurance.

  1. Simply do more! Whether it is one more rep than your previous set or increasing the length of your interval training by a couple of seconds, push yourself a little more.
  2. Get that heart rate up! You can easily add to your stamina by incorporating more exercises that speed up your heart rate; even for just a couple of seconds. For example, instead of just doing pushups, jog in place between each set of pushups.
  3. Climb! Leg strength is key so don’t just set the treadmill or run on flat ground. By adjusting your incline or running/walking up hills you can quickly strengthen your legs benefiting your overall strength and endurance.
  4. Easy on the carbonated drinks (better yet, stop with the carbonated drinks!). Carbonation can cause many people to feel bloated, especially if consumed quickly or in large amounts; in addition, the sugar in many carbonated drinks, including soda and energy drinks, may cause low blood sugar during exercise, reports Ask Dr. Sears. Water is the best option to keep you hydrated.
  5. Stretch it out! With proper pre- (dynamic) and post- (static) workout stretching you can help your body reach its full potential while preventing muscle cramps and pulling. Dynamic stretching helps you warm up before going all out in your workout; when you’re warm you perform better. Proper cool down will help you recover and prepare for your next workout

Endurance is not just about being able to run or ride for a long period of time it’s energy that is long lasting regardless of the activity. It takes time to build but can be achieved with consistent effort. Increasing your endurance is about improving your bodies ability to perform longer by becoming more efficient at using energy.  Applying these simple steps will increase your athletic endurance, increasing your performance and enjoyment of exercise.