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Arms That Look Good Naked

by Love and Primal. Posted 5 Jan 13.

Q:  I would love to know how Sarah got such amazing arms. What exercises, weight amount and reps? – Rifka


sarah-arms-around-townThe fitness industry is full of so many fabrications and misinformation that it gets frustrating trying to cut through it all!  Part of our mission here at Love & Primal is to cut through the bologna and provide quality, accurate, and useful information.

Google ‘great arms’ and you will get all kinds of misinformation or information that only focuses on one aspect of shaping your arms – the exercises.  While this can be helpful, many people spend HOURS doing curls and triceps extensions without any measurable results.

A mantra all of us need to remember is that “you cannot spot reduce.”  That means that you cannot train one part of your body, hoping that it will burn fat off of only that part of your body.  It is impossible.  You can have strong, shapely MUSCLE but if you have layers of FAT over them, you’ll never see them!

So, if you see an article that promises great arms, and all it talks about is arms, you should move on and forget about it – it isn’t true! And one thing never mentioned is genetics.  We are born with what we have – so the shape of your arms (with or without the fat) is the shape of your arms.  Own them, love them – they are the only arms you will ever have.

That being said, here are the two key elements to great arms:

  1. Being lean (aka lower body fat %); and
  2. Weight Training.

Great looking arms are shapely, lean, and strong; there is delineation between the forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.  If you have a well designed workout and nutrition plan that allows you to burn fat; as well as, strengthen the muscles that you want to tone then you will significantly boost your results.  Just lifting weights or just dieting will never work independently.  It is when they are combined that the magic happens.

Lift heavy (challenging) weights.  Lifting weights stimulates lean muscle development, accelerates fat loss, and increases energy. Sarah lifts weights 3 times a week.  2 of the workouts are full body, cross-functional, multi-directional, intense and last no more than 25 min.  The 3rd lift (call it our “heavy” lift) we slow down and do more traditional heavy lifts.  Btw…don’t be scared to use challenging weights. Sarah consistently uses weights that challenge her strength; 10 lb. dumbbells don’t enter her hands, unless she’s moving them out of the way!

Here are the workouts Sarah did last week (these are in addition to spin class on Mon and Thu night and Sat morning).
















Strengthening your back, shoulders, and arms by default will strengthen and tone your arms.  By losing weight and working out with weights you can significantly improve whatever shape arms you presently have.

And lastly, it takes hard work – it’s fun work, but you have to sweat when you workout!

Follow the Primal eating plan and the workouts we post here and you will be amazed at the results.

– Leonard & Sarah